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2017-10-02 01:40:29 by JoeSketchConcepts-NG

Another Month rolled by this year, And nothing happens.

My life has been ocupied with four subjects. Working 2 part-time Jobs, Creating hand drawin images for, Doing arrends and chores in real life, And a quarter of the time is spent on lesiurly activities. Doing art for DeviantArt has taken time out of Animation for Newgrounds and ZombieWolf, The Media group I am a part of. ...I want to change that.

I have dicided to begin working on a One minute halloween animation. I won't say what its about...yet. But I will upload it on The day of halloween! The idea is to make this a "Make or break" project. I can eaither really consintrate on making this project look good within a month, OR break it. Just like all the other art projects I had planed but never got made ideas. Also, This Small project will be separet from ZombieWolf. And all on my own. Just like the dancing Crab last year.



2017-09-03 01:55:34 by JoeSketchConcepts-NG

SO last month and this month, I forgot to upload my monthly journal on the first. ...Whatever. Not like I got anything to loss.

Anyway, A while I was animating ealier this week, A thought had accoured to me. "To bring life into animation, You must sacrafice some of your own life. As well."

As we all know, It takes a lot of time and effort and team work to create the best motion pictures ever seen. Only rarly can one person create greate animation by themselves. But the focus here is time and effort. For every second added to an animation, The animator has to sacrafice a lot more time of his/her life into adding that extra second. And as far as how good that extra second looks, The Animator will sacrafice more time of his/her life to make that extra second worth it. Somebody had to do so much mental and physical work into Every line, Every shade, Every color, ...And just about everything else you can think of. To present another reallity on the other side of the screen you are looking at. HECK! You could say that an animators work is similar to child birth! Both artist and mother spend much time and suffering to bring life into this reality we are living in today.

OR maybe I am overexagerating this Journal. You dicide if this is smart or dumb.



2017-08-02 00:12:10 by JoeSketchConcepts-NG

Yesterday was July 31th. And today is August 1st. I had copy and pasted this Journal from my DevaintArt account to save time.

Sooner or later. I need to edit the descriptions texts of all of my 'Giving at Gunpoint' story panels, To include Deviant-Web-Links that lead to other panels of the story. One link towards the very first panel, a second link towards the previous panel, and a third link to the next panel. (When it's available.) Also, I will be uploading another series of Moleskin Sketch/Drawings based off of what I have seen at the Arts gallery exhibit at my summer job! So there's something to look forward to, because I've already created some images!

ON a side note: I still plan on working on that 'Cardinal Quest 2' fan art series.
I did text about this about two months ago. And I've been procrastination on the idea. Still! I want to show my adoration and appreciation for this 8-bit RPG game by creating images of its 14 playable characters. (7 classes, 2 genders each.) Just like what I did with crossing over Ben 10 with The Loud House. When I did Ben 10/Loud house, I had plenty of reference images on my smart phone to apply to my work toward the art. I had not done so with Cardinal Quest 2. I need to download the reference images from my Laptop into my Smartphone. To begin the art making process.

It has been over half a year sine I've uploaded a new and original animation. I had started animating a project for, But that has dragged on for too long. I stopped animating after the first scene was done, So as to work and finish a storyboard. So that everybody will know where the story is actually going to look like. And because of my summer job, I've been neglecting my animation ambitions. which is not good at all! However, the boss man of ZombieWolf has been seriously texting to some other members to collaborate with me to finish the project. I will be the Animation director, Because I started it. And not only will I make sure that my co-workers finish their work, but do it in a plausible manor. No heavy over-night over work, and no slow Lollygagging. Just gradual progress!

In the mean time.
I've decided to work on another Animation project. One that will be shorter and more impressive than the Dancing Canadian crab person. It will be a looped animation, Showing off a cool idea made by two kids! I do not know when this animation will be done. But that's OK, Because it's my personal project. Nobody will expect it, Or push me to finish it.

And I think I'll only vote once in a while within the Newgrounds portal. The higher you go up in Level and rank as a Newgrounds member, The longer and longer it takes to reach the next level and rank up. This makes you less likely to want to vote all the time.



2017-07-02 01:25:50 by JoeSketchConcepts-NG


Welp... It has almost been a full year since I had become a Newgrounds Supporter. ($25.00 for a one year subscription) And my subscription ends tomorrow July 2, Sunday. Seeing that I am not very active on this website. Normally I have been Voting in the Newgrounds portal once a day and making these journals once a month. So I've decided to NOT renew my subscription. and save myself 25 bucks. The only reason I signed up for a subscription last year was to change my username to what it is now.  (It is very nice that Newgrounds offers the option to let its users change their user names. I thought I was going to be named 'Dracojoe564' forever.)

Perhaps, later on this year I will renew my subscription for $25.00 for another year. Only time will tell. Until then, I will keep on voting in the portal and hope to reach the rank of military private someday. Being in the military is more better than being in the police force.

Also, While I am typing this, My Laptop keeps on slowing down on me. I think I need a new laptop for this year's black Friday.


:Update: I've finally reached the Rank of Private! Yippee!


2017-06-01 21:58:32 by JoeSketchConcepts-NG

The best Update on the Animation I am working on right now is storyboarding. By the end of this week, I will be done with the storyboarding phase of my assigned project from At first my employer did not want me to work on a storyboard. He just wants me to Animate the script that was handed to me by one of ZombieWolf's writers. However I tell them that many a great animation was created with a storyboard before the animation was started. So he agreed and I am now going to be done with it. And when it's done, Everybody can see what I am thinking about doing, before I do it! And once the whole animation is completed and uploaded for the world to see, Maybe my Boss will let me upload the storyboard as well. Or just keep it under wraps for copyright practices.

Also, I had made a slight joke last month about playing Fallout: New Vegas for another three hours. I have been playing that game the same way a drunk would drink alcohol every day. not as bad as a total bad habit that interferes with my daily life. But I have to admit that It has cut into my time as an animator a lot! But now that I have completed 2/3rd of the game, It won't become a problem with progress soon.

Seeing that Half the year is over with, I REALLY need to get myself ready to apply myself into the media industry soon! If I don't get into the Animation industry, Then I can apply for the comics industry and/or the fancy illustration industry. Whatever comes first.


JSC - May_2017

2017-05-01 23:22:05 by JoeSketchConcepts-NG

Because today is a Monday and the First day of the month, I'll be copy and pasting 90% of the Journal I just made in And this might apply for me this whole month. Though I hope not!

I am one of those people who makes a living by doing manual, outdoor jobs. Basically I want to text about something every artist can relate to. Thinking about creating new art, While actively performing your duties at your job.

In my case.
I work around several large parking lots. At a local Fair grounds event center. Almost everyday I have to be fully aware of every moving vehicle my eyes can see, I make small talk with hundreds of visitors each day about what's what. And the only comfortable thing about the my job is whatever I can fit into my sling-bag. (2-3 three books, 2 water bottles, my Moleskin book with pencils/eraser, and a tall candle for warmth.) Now. There have been some days of the month where I work 8 to10-hour-shifts a day. Which can feel like a full weekend when your out under the sun all day with no reliable shade around except a large straw hat on your head.
For five days I've kept on thinking to myself...
"I should be working on my Portfolio on"
"I must finish this Animation I'm doing for"
"I need to put together a friend package for a Deviant named Timmy."
"I must finish the other art projects I had started too long ago!"
"I have my Moleskin booklet in my pocket, I Should be fucking drawing right now!"
And then when I did get some free time after coming home in the evening, I felt too Jaded to work on my "art homework's" And just played Fallout: New Vegas on Xbox 360.

I can't be the only artist who feels jaded after working a job all day. Sometimes we artists need to put are works of art on hold when real life calls with responsibilities.

Now that I got some free time this month, ( I think I do?) I plan on communicating more in artistic media sites to try and get back into things.
....Or I'll just play Fallout: New Vegas for another three hours.

Oh! I forgot to mention that I have become a Level 23 Animator. Which means that I get to have a Halberd as my level icon! Does that sound cool? I think that's cool.


2017-04-02 01:31:05 by JoeSketchConcepts-NG

Just now, I remembered that today is April Fools day. And I do not care. Besides Halloween, I'm not much into holidays. Not even my own birthday.

Anywho, I had just recently thought of something I should have expanded upon while I was an arts student in college.

When you take a class in cartoons, The professor will teach you about basic body shapes. A sexy woman's body has an hourglass shape, Because of boobies and ass cheeks. A fat mans body has a round-ball shape, Because of his big gut and pudgy limbs. And a bad-guy would have a solid square body shape. Because he is very intimidating.

Later on. When you take a life drawing class, The professor will teach you a lesson about using many different shapes to define how the human body is constructed. Cylinders are used for limbs. A coat-hanger is used as collar bones and neck. A food bowl is used to define the pelvis. And then you use normal circles to define the joints of the body.

NOW here is the point of it all. After you mastered how to use basic object shapes to create a base-line human body, You are supposed to create more smaller shapes that are in and around the big shapes that  make up the human body! For Examples: When you create two cylinders for the left arm of a character, Your also supposed to add in small oval shapes to indicate where muscles would be. When you create the back side of a character, Your supposed to add in more lines to indicate where he/she/or it bends back there. And when you create the characters head as a circle with two lines (One vertical and one Horizontal) Your also supposed to add two ovals and a protrusion that represents two ears and a nose.

Later on, I will apply this drawing Idea to my future works. Gotta keep evolving to get better!



2017-03-01 12:56:57 by JoeSketchConcepts-NG

Same as last month, I am still working on Animating the first scene of the project given to me by And I am hounestly almost done with it.

Last week, I have figured out an important fact about animating a character while the camera is moving. Something I had learned after it was too late! When I first animated a character walking towards the camera, I had animated the background separete from the character. I made the background reduce in size over time to indicate the camera is moving away from what the viewer is seeing. And then I animated a character not only walking towards the camera, but also increase in size. becaouse everything grows and shinks as they move closer and away from view. It wosent until this time that I realized, I should have animated both characters and backgrounds on one layer. NOT on two layers!

It's now bad that the first scene in my next animation will look a little off. But it is good that I have learned how to animate a moving character while the camera is also moving. You animate the background WITH the character!

In other news, Not only did I become a level 22 Animator, But also I have asscented to the rank of Police Captain! I may not be appart of the Newgrounds millitary branch . . .Yet, But in the mean time I am one of the highest ranking civilians of Newgrounds. So having the tital of Captrain is still cool!



2017-02-01 19:39:29 by JoeSketchConcepts-NG

For the past month, I have been juggling my free time online between uploading images for DeviantArt and Working on an animation assignment for

In my last Newgrounds journal I had texted about working on a collaboration with Manx1. But before I could begin doing any work for Manx1, I was contacted twice by an online group called, So I ended up never starting doing any work for Manx1's ideas. So everything between me and him are just on hold. I have become an unpaid intern and have begun working on my first assignment given to me by ZombieWolf's Owner. The story-script and recorded-voice-acting was made by other members of the group. So the next animation I create will be owned by and will more entertaining than anything I have done by myself. And I am planning on getting this all done before February ends.

In other news, I plan on voting in the Newgrounds portal every day until I reach level 22. which should be about 2 to 3 weeks from now. And as far as setting up my Profile's and online portfolios. I honestly have not done anything . . . Yet.



2017-01-01 13:38:55 by JoeSketchConcepts-NG

I feel good right now!

After about three months of animating (1 month of lollygagging, honestly) I had FINALLY uploaded that dancing crab cartoon before the year 2016 ends! And while I was uploading and putting in information about said cartoon, I had discovered this web-page called "Collabinate" here at Newgrounds. After four days of sending/receiving messages, I have found one other Newground-er, Who is named Manx1, who wants' me to collaborate with him on making a cartoon series! (Or at least one pilot episode.) He and I have never collaborated before, So we are both on the same level.

The first step I am going to make, Is creating a rough storyboard. It will be about the rough script and character ideas I got from one of his messages. And I will get it done by Friday the 6th! This is a deadline I have set up for myself because every project must have deadlines. Or else said project will never get done!

Overall, I am going to be busy this month with Newgrounds, DeviantArt, and updating my portfolios. As I set up some new portfolios, I can only hope that sooner or later, I will get into the animation industry. Someday.