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I am a novice animator who wants to work for a Professional animation company in the future. Through out my life, I have created many forms of Multi-media works of art. Traditional pencils, Digital images, and 2D/3D animations.

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JoeSketchConcepts-NG's News

Posted by JoeSketchConcepts-NG - January 4th, 2021

Actions speak louder than words.

That statement alone now shows my attitude with Newgrounds. I wanted to make this new post right on New years day, But chose to wait till my swamp dragon animatic to pass judgment. Last year I only did animatics. Short animations with Keyframe movements to show what I can make in one month's time. And it felt good! Not awesomely great, But better than nothing. And I have been using the Krita Free animation program to boot! Only took me a month to get used to it's tool layout. So now my goal for this year is to create 6 or 4 Better quality animations. I'm still trying to kick off my Procrastination habit. My next animation project will be a collaboration with a fellow artist who will draw a few Keyframe images for me to make In-Between frames. I do not know who this artist is yet or how it will all turn out later on? But I'll do my best to make this year better than last year.

And I am still unemployed because of COVID-19. I hope I'll find a decent Job soon before my Unemployment Insurance runs out.


Update edit: I forgot to mention that I've been increasing my Newgrounds level status simply by voting on Adult rated art works. Before 2019 I thought that I would have to watch and review new animations and games from the Portal to get my level up. But turns out I can get the same thing by giving 3 to 4 stars to the various porn images I like. Eventually my Newgrounds level will match my real life age. Neato.



Posted by JoeSketchConcepts-NG - June 2nd, 2020

Six months have passed since my last update. Better do one now.

I am looking back and forth between this post and the previous post. And the fact is. I barely did anything so far this year. Animation, That is. I was expecting to do more work for Poorly Animated Roommates. But just like other small time groups I've been apart of. The connection between me and other members have become silent. Only last month did I dicide to randomly begin working on a sexy dance GIF of an original character of mine. Using Adobe Flash CS 5.5 because I am familiar with the tools of that program. When I try to animate with other programs, I get lost with how different today's programs opperate when compared to classic Flash. I would like to talk more about what I plan on doing. But really, It's best I show the results later this month. OR I'll keep on screwing around by playing Fallout 4 on Xbox One. It's hard to keep up motivation with such a good game to play.

Not to mention that I got laid off from two different jobs back in April. and have to find a new one. Or hope I get get back in my old job later this year. I do not know as I type this Newgrounds Post.

Till next time.



Posted by JoeSketchConcepts-NG - January 1st, 2020

A lot has happened during the last few months. And I'm hopping the new decade will be way better than the previous one.

My biggest accomplishment in Newgrounds is my Poorly animated Halloween party. I know it's no where near the best animation around. But Hey! I did It! I did exactly what I planed to do during the whole animation process from late September to October 30th. Made even better that a fellow music maker allowed me to use their original music to add into my video. Nice!

The next big thing for me is to be more active with Poorly Animated Roommates. I only did the Halloween special because the boss man, Nathan, had no other tasks for me to do while he did all the animating for episode 3. Episode 4 is coming on and he want's me to redesign one of the key locations of the series.

So that's what I'll be doing this year. As for the next few years, Who knows?



Update. I will also be doing more voting in the Newgrounds Portal almost every day of this year. Last year I was surfing the web every time I turn on my Laptop. But rarley did I bother to check out what's new in the portal. It really does not take long to vote and comment, So I need to be more active like that.



Posted by JoeSketchConcepts-NG - August 22nd, 2019

WELP! This journal is way overdue. So here it goes.

Picking up from my last journal. Half of my closest family members have moved out to Los Vegas, Nevada. The house has new carpet installed and tons of my mom's stuff taken out to storage. And my younger brother and his small family moved in. All the while I've been boxing up and moving my own stuff around. Yet I still live in the same bedroom from the start of the year. But now I have a new weekday night shift job that will make me more busy with bigger paychecks coming in.

During this whole year. I have joined the animation team behind an online animated series called "Poorly Animated Roommates". Mostly did digital backgrounds on top of working day jobs. However! As autumn is approaching, I plan on doing more for this cartoon series. Drawing characters in different outfits and possibly making a GIF or two.

We will just have to wait and see what happens before 2020 comes around. Peace.


Update. I am going to delete the pornographic sketches from my Newgrounds account. And start filling it with Screen shots of animation projects I worked on. To actually show off what I can do. Any NSFW stuff I make should be submitted within the Rule 34 websites anyway.


Posted by JoeSketchConcepts-NG - January 11th, 2019

Another year is ahead of us all. ...And this year will be different.


First off. I want to say what I think what the true meaning of New Years is.

For All Hallows Eve, It's about embracing the uncanny.

For Christmas, Its about good will towards other peoples.

For new Years, it's about beginning again. When you miss doing something on a specific time and date, That's it. Time moves in one constant direction and there's no turning back at all. Most of the time you can only be new once. However on New years Eve and new years day, As we switch out calendars, You get that feeling of being new again. As if all the possibilities you've missed out on one year ago can be obtainable again this year. Did your birthday party suck? Do it better this year. Are you too old for Trick R' Treating? Go join an awesome Halloween party this year. Did you get crappy gifts on Christmas morning? Then do better this year. Everybody would like a second chance. New years is that second chance. Begin Again.


The biggest task I have to confront this year is moving out. My family (Me, my brother and both parents.) Are planing to move out of California and into the Los Vegas area. My parents looking for a better and more affordable place to live. My older brother moving out doing his own thing. Which leaves me to figure out and find a supportive job. And I do not know if I will find a suitable job in California or Nevada. I would prefer to live in California. Close around the Los Angeles area because that's where most of the artistic careers are located at. But if something good pops up in Nevada, Then I guess I'll be moving out and about with my family. But not back in with my parents.


In real life. I have spent most of autumn 2018 and winter season working under my truck. (1994 Ford Ranger XLT super cab.) doing everything I can to make sure it won't break down on me when I travel around town. All this Automobile work and talk has made me into a Novice mechanic. I am not a professional, But at least I know most of the basics.


From my last journal entry I have completed most of my To-do list of summer 2018. All except One gift art for a specific Crab person. (God I hate Procrastination.) Because I got carried away with the Holiday drawing challenges. To which turned out pretty good. Keeps me Consistent.


Lastly, While this New year progresses I will be working on a somewhat planed self-education path to better myself as an artist. I will be looking into Drawabox.com for advice. And re-doing the same exercises I learned in college. More or less depending on real life events.


That is all for this moment. The first week of the year. All I can do is Stop procrastinating and get something done everyday. No matter if it is a big task or small task, Just do it already!



Posted by JoeSketchConcepts-NG - May 2nd, 2018

So last month I said that I would pay $25.00 dollars for a full year Newgrounds supporter membership, If My walking kid animation passes judment. It did pass judment. And I did not pay for membership. I just did not feel like doing so. Half of the content offerd to supporters just don't appeal to me.

I still want to get my next animation to look just as good as my last uploaded animation. So I'll wait another month before uploading it. Going back into the collaborator to ask around for a voice actor. And just seeing what kind of help I can get. However I do have some good news! I'm half way done with said project!

Also. I've noticed that Newgrounds.com has changed the look and feel of the whole website. Allowing normal users to further customize their profile pages. I like this a lot! And thus I will work on creating a better web banner for this website and others.


Posted by JoeSketchConcepts-NG - April 2nd, 2018

Not much to say about last month. Becuase nothing realy has changed since last month. But this month however, I plan on doing more. I have started working on this simple animation project. And I'm getting help from the colaborators section of Newgrounds. Not since last year have I tried this. And I ended up becoming a member of ZombieWolf.Net. (Honestly. Nothing much has been going on in that website.)

Also, I have dicided to upload an animation I had been working on since last year. I've only compleated the first scene. So that's all I can upload to show. And if this animation passes judment here the Newgrounds Portal, I will pay $25.00 dollars to become a supporter for one year. Just to get me into Newgrounds.com again.


Posted by JoeSketchConcepts-NG - March 2nd, 2018

Nothing to report. I was working on the Keyframes of my next animated short on Moho Pro, But then got distracted by something I'm doing at Patreon and working long shifts at my day job. ...Story of my Life.

Also, You know about that feeling you get when its the begining of the year and you plan on doing great new goals? I realize that feeling had started to die down on me after my Birthday in February. Like as if this year will be no different than last year.

I don't know what will happen at the end of March, But all I can do is keep on moving forward.

Posted by JoeSketchConcepts-NG - February 2nd, 2018

This year has been a slow start. But as of this date, I have recived in the mail a new Animation program! Simply titled: MOHO Pro 12. Last month I said I would look around for different animation programs to get into. And obviusly I did not do that. I looked around a few times. And when I realized that Smith Micro was doing a %50 off sail on MOHO, (Which is basically Anime Studio renamed.) I just said to myself, "What the hell? I'll go for it!"

Normally I'm very frugal about what to purchase online. But There just so many pros for me to get MOHO pro 12 right now. No pun intended. So with a new animation program to tinker around with, I'll be more motivated to get somthing done this month.

Sheesh. These Journals are mostly about recording myself, rather than letting others know what I'm doing. Whatever. Life goes on.

Posted by JoeSketchConcepts-NG - January 2nd, 2018

So something very retarded happened last month. My one and only 2D animation program (Adobe Flash Professional: Creative Suit 5.5 student edition.) has stopped functioning properly with my desktop drawing tablet! Long story short, I think it has something to do with my Laptop losing power from a drained battery while doing an operating system upgrade. ...I just forgot to plug in the power cable while I was in the shower.

Also, I have not done a damn thing for my account here on Newgrounds in 2017! At the beginning of the year after completing the dancing Canadian crab. I thought that I would definitely come up with another cool animation project to upload. However. After months of inactivity, Doing real life responsibilities, and constantly starting and not finishing any projects for ZombieWolf.net. ...2017 was completely a lost year for me.

So now I'll be looking around and researching another animation program. I could just download a free animation program from an open source website. But experience taught me that such free things would lead me towards spam emails and computer viruses. SO I want to play safe and just spend money on compact disk that won't do any digital harm.
get back to digital animating!

Hopefully I'll find a program that is universal and worth my money. Not to expensive, and not to ineffective, Just right.