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I am a novice animator who wants to work for a Professional animation company in the future. Through out my life, I have created many forms of Multi-media works of art. Traditional pencils, Digital images, and 2D/3D animations.

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JSC Winter_2019

Posted by JoeSketchConcepts-NG - January 11th, 2019

Another year is ahead of us all. ...And this year will be different.


First off. I want to say what I think what the true meaning of New Years is.

For All Hallows Eve, It's about embracing the uncanny.

For Christmas, Its about good will towards other peoples.

For new Years, it's about beginning again. When you miss doing something on a specific time and date, That's it. Time moves in one constant direction and there's no turning back at all. Most of the time you can only be new once. However on New years Eve and new years day, As we switch out calendars, You get that feeling of being new again. As if all the possibilities you've missed out on one year ago can be obtainable again this year. Did your birthday party suck? Do it better this year. Are you too old for Trick R' Treating? Go join an awesome Halloween party this year. Did you get crappy gifts on Christmas morning? Then do better this year. Everybody would like a second chance. New years is that second chance. Begin Again.


The biggest task I have to confront this year is moving out. My family (Me, my brother and both parents.) Are planing to move out of California and into the Los Vegas area. My parents looking for a better and more affordable place to live. My older brother moving out doing his own thing. Which leaves me to figure out and find a supportive job. And I do not know if I will find a suitable job in California or Nevada. I would prefer to live in California. Close around the Los Angeles area because that's where most of the artistic careers are located at. But if something good pops up in Nevada, Then I guess I'll be moving out and about with my family. But not back in with my parents.


In real life. I have spent most of autumn 2018 and winter season working under my truck. (1994 Ford Ranger XLT super cab.) doing everything I can to make sure it won't break down on me when I travel around town. All this Automobile work and talk has made me into a Novice mechanic. I am not a professional, But at least I know most of the basics.


From my last journal entry I have completed most of my To-do list of summer 2018. All except One gift art for a specific Crab person. (God I hate Procrastination.) Because I got carried away with the Holiday drawing challenges. To which turned out pretty good. Keeps me Consistent.


Lastly, While this New year progresses I will be working on a somewhat planed self-education path to better myself as an artist. I will be looking into Drawabox.com for advice. And re-doing the same exercises I learned in college. More or less depending on real life events.


That is all for this moment. The first week of the year. All I can do is Stop procrastinating and get something done everyday. No matter if it is a big task or small task, Just do it already!