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If enjoying this video makes me a racist, Then so be it.

The catchy beat of the song and lyrics. The random usage of GIFs and images. It all helps make a bad subject matter look so absurd and silly. Seeing that this video is still here in Newgrounds since 2006, (After Adobe Flash had kicked the bucket in 2020) says that casual non-serious racism is still funny as heck! Regardless of what the SJW's and Karens will argue. Lastly. I am not a Seinfeld fan. So my thoughts on Kramer are all neutral before and after his racist incident. Though I do hope he is doing better with himself.

And let's be honest here, We've all at one point had fun saying offensive words out loud alone or with close specific acquaintances. "...Nigger! NIGGER!!!" (Try it alone. it's silly.)

Okay. So I first saw this animation before seeing the YouTube video about Sigma from Overwatch. And I gotta say, Troll face is more interesting than Sigma.

This is just from how I feel about both characters as I type this review.

The character Sigma feels like your standard Scientist who became insane with power. He can manipulate gravity around him. And he has a bit of a split personality thing that makes him evil. Or at least a prime candidate for Talon terrorist operations. ...I just don't see much with this guy. Other than looking cool. (Or I'm just miss-judging Sigma because I have never played Overwatch before.)

Now with Trollface here, I think he is a serious villain. Sure he looks silly and creepy with that huge stupid smile. But he has mastered all the laws of cartoon physics itself. Therefore he can outmaneuver any contingency plan created by super scientist Rich Sanchez. He can bend reality to his will. Therefore any direct punch from One Punch Man will never budge Trollface. And when Trollface says, "It's all an illusion." He's also talking about Plot armor and the power of friendship. How they are all just strings of the puppeteer. Not to mention that Trollface is an icon born of the internet itself. Making him almost as powerful as Micky Mouse. (More or less.)

Again. These are just my thoughts when looking at this animation in loop. So epic!

This short animation presents an interesting duo character dynamic very nicely.
One character is highly elegant and well mannered without being a pompous jerk.
The other character is Mentally out there and is silly without being LOL XD RANDOM!!
This is good.

If there ever exists a sequel game to the classic game "Newgrounds Rumble", Alice and Cage needs to to be player characters!
Just imagine the moves and combos they could do towards other Newgrounds icon characters? Playing story mode with them to get all the cocaine within the Newgrounds portal. They look for white powder in Salad Finger's shed, They fuck around with some Retarded Animal Babies, And they tag team against Doki and Nabi.

I know this is wishful thinking. But these fucking rats are Newgrounds Classics!

ApocalypseCartoons responds:

that sounds awesome - thank you

After loosing so much, The guy gets the best reward. NICE!

Nutty nut. nutnutnutnut NUUUTTSSS!!

I feel like I am watching a cheep discount version of Sr Pelo videos.
I love it! I enjoy nonsensical animations like this. Keep up the... Whatever work you do here.

This sounds like The Italian version of Bushworld Adventures. Just from the voice actor's accent. It's Great!

This simple animation is over a decade old and it still holds up. Not just because it took a sound clip from a cult classic movie, It showed that adult animation can be just as good as normal adult movies. Great lip-syncing here.

"The jacking-up the price"
That's the single most thing I don't like about Adobe as I type this. I get that software companies need to make lots of money to stay successful. But damn it! I miss the days when the Software disk in your hands is all yours. Something you can upload and use on any computer as long as you have the product key code. But nowadays, Adobe basically owns all your latest animation works. Because if you don't pay rent, They take your stuff with cancellation!

"This is a very unhealthy relationship."
Back to the animation presented here. that last line literally says it all. No matter how much you dislike something/Somebody/some program, You can't help but keep on admiring the few aspects that had attracted you in the first place. I hope JamesLee does better with GIMP. Who knows?

I am a novice animator who wants to work for a Professional animation company in the future. Through out my life, I have created many forms of Multi-media works of art. Traditional pencils, Digital images, and 2D/3D animations.

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