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I may not be able to play old Flash games in Newgrounds anymore, But thankfully BlueMaxima's Flashpoint program has that all covered. (Not sure about getting the Newgrounds brand reward medals? Go research Ruffle.)

As I play this game, I continue to think of what a sequel would be like? IF there would ever be one.
I imagine the sequel would have double or triple the number of player characters. Featuring well known characters. Such as Doki and Nabi from the Acclaimed "There she Is!" mini series. And Alpha and Flame girl from the T.O.M.E. series. At the same time, The sequel would feature character's not many would remember. Such as Alice and Cage from the "Rats on Cocaine" Series. And Mike and Satan from the "Erik the Juiceman" series. Not to mention there could be new game mechanics and battle arenas. No different than how Super Smash Bros. makes itself better and better over the years.

I know this comment is wishful thinking. But Newgrounds is Still a great website! And this game is a good summery of it during the 2000's.

I don't know how this animation had survived the Death of Flash in early 2021? But I'm happy I somehow still get to play it now! A simple game from simpler times. Anybody who dislikes annoying songs will enjoy the carnage more so than the people who don't mind annoying songs.
A good game to kill four minutes of time.

For people who had standard computers in the year 2011. This game was unplayable. You just need a personal computer that's made for gaming to play this flash game.

As I played this game before new years eve 2020, It was a blast! A well made hybrid between three gaming genres. The first person shooter and real time strategy and tower defense games. When you figure out the lay of the land and upgrade the healing medical pad, The game gets really fun to shoot down robots and collect their scrap to further build more towers and upgrade yourself.

I give this game a four out of five stars because the REAL challenge is at the last level. Where you have to shoot down a helicopter to win. It seems almost impossible with so many enemy robots coming at you from literally everywhere. By the time you collect all the big scrap pieces in the last level, Mid to high level bots are everywhere! The one way to win, is to set up a defense parameter at the corner of the map. block out some areas where fresh bots would come at you. Then you keep on running a big circle around the map. Dodging bullets and missiles left and right. Use the fully upgraded machine gun the Engineer carries to finish off the helicopter. With some practicing. It is possible to win this game.

The year 2020 in this game and in reality could be paralels to each other. More or less. Santa dies from both suicide and COVID-19. Children getting more and more entitled with the rise of SJW culture. And Mrs.Claus weapons are left over tools from the military. What with so many wars going on between 2010 and 2020.

But back to the game itself here. It is a Newgrounds classic! Something everyone should play at least once every holiday season. And thank the Newgrounds Player for making this game available to play no matter what.

The trial and error method of winning this flash game is very informative. Making the player learn a little bit more about pop cartoon culture history. Very nice.

This game is more fun than Flippy Bird for sure!
The music, Background and other aspects of the game is definitely kid friendly Halloween fun. for a minute or two.

What makes this game stand out from other simple shooters is the work placed into the background itself. I can tell every wall of that moving tunnel was hand made in a looping animation. Well done. But the game play itself, It's as basic as it gets.

I get that this game is a well made funny joke. But I say there should be Newgrounds Achievements attached to it. To actually make players actually want to hit the space bar as much as possible.
A good example of what I'm talking about, Is the animation compilation "Africa Dudes." Where Newgrounds offers three medals for watching the entire collab three times in a row.

As is, This is a well done joke challenge. Meat Slapping Good!

Welp. I suck at these kind of games. Still looks good.

Back when this game was submitted in 2013, I could not play it. For I had a basic laptop at the time. As Uncle0Bob described. Not all computers can handle all games.

But now, As I type this in October 2020 with a 2019 gaming laptop. This game is really fun!
Everything that was good about the first game has been upgraded a more intense game play. Having to both weave around an obstacle course of damaged vehicles and gun down any zombie that gets on my hood. Making the moments when you reload all the more precious. And every time you fail, You get just a little bit closer to upgrading your vehicle to do better the next try. (Classic grind-to-win Flash game.)

I do not know if there will ever be a "Road of the Dead 3" game? But I hope that it will raise the bar like this game did.

I am a novice animator who wants to work for a Professional animation company in the future. Through out my life, I have created many forms of Multi-media works of art. Traditional pencils, Digital images, and 2D/3D animations.

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