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This art piece feels like any day is Halloween day.
The tree monster itself reminded me of the man eating tree of Madagascar. Locally named "Yateveo". A really wicked wilderness legend. The executioner character must be extra kinky to run around naked at night. Must be easy during the Indian Summer weather. She maybe badly cut on her left side. But I bet she can still swing that axe with lethal force. A tid bit I like is the deek grayish-blue sky in the far background. Has a very late evening feel.

So your profile Pic is a lizard scallie girl? Cool! You don't see scallie folk as much as you see the typical fox/cat/dog furries in the Anthropomorphic mainstream media. Tara looks very wholesome here. Just standing around and smiling for the camera. I can only imagine what species of reptile she is from looking at her eyes and tail. Is she a Gecko? Long tailed lizard? Small Anole? I don't know. You tell me. Oh! And the colors are wonderful too.

I do not know much about the Anime or the Game??
but that girl with the wicked grin is taking Twitter by storm. The happy-go-crazy gal who likes to make fun of virgin nerds for being so socially awkward. Giver a gun and shits going down! Somebody print and sticker this army girl on a real life tank or something.

Now I am not a homosexual. But I will admit that when I see a good looking cock, It is good looking. The man who owns that dick must be a huge Sonic fan to want to fuck Amy right now.
Her face says she is unconformable and scared of the bigger male. But her legs and heart beat says she wants it too.
Real Smexy.

The description below the image totally matches said image. Margo the witch go fucked and stuffed full of demon seed to recharge her magical potential. And is that a bite mark on her inner left thigh? What's up with that? No matter. I'm actually enjoying the full on bite mark on her right breast. The horny devil wanted to chomp on that fat booby and suck in the whole titty.
Meanwhile. The rest of the background looks cool too. The wall has a nice pattern design of flowers on wood. She must have moved into a new place if she only has four items on a single shelf. And the picture with the nun and cross on the left must be her from an old life.
Everything here is great work!

The pear body shape is not my cup of tea. (I prefer the hourglass or Petite with massive boobs body types.) However the pear or barrel shaped body type does fit the slime girl character very well. Because she is a gelatinous form with all the body weight going down. So Tara here is very well belt for her species. Plus the Green and violet always complement each other. Being next to orange as the secondary colors of the grand color wheel. Very nice.

I am not a fan of the Gore and Guts aspect of rule 34. But a do appreciate nudity whenever it is shown. her legs and hips look real good when compared to the rest of her torso. You also did good with blending pinks and violets together over a white background. Is all neat.

Looking at your fan art made me want to check out the Maid Mask in Google images. And I can see why you wanted to make her rip her blouse off. She is naturally gifted like a Hentai porn star! Big She got nice big tiddies for days.

But back to the fan art here. You did a great job recreating the red drenched scene of her walking down the catwalk. And I feel that the overall art style you have here, Is if High Rise Invasion adopted The Simpsons art style. A bit odd. But that makes her exposed breasts here more enjoyable for me. You did well with mimicking her chest size and perky nipples. So good.

I'd love to see more NSFW art works from you!

The comic page is so good it automatically gets Five Stars from me.

And I'm betting that the Princess will go Lesbian for Booby's Boobs.

Perverted Raven fan service aside, I imagine THIS is what Skyrim would look like if it was animated with American cartoons instead of C.G.I. Just imagine playing through an open world adventure video game with all people, objects, and locations looking just like this.

Back the art work, This is top notch Raven porn right here. One half Anime style taken from the 2003 show. And one half realistic body curves and nipple. Definitely an art style trait of Queen Complex.

I am a novice animator who wants to work for a Professional animation company in the future. Through out my life, I have created many forms of Multi-media works of art. Traditional pencils, Digital images, and 2D/3D animations.

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