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2017-08-02 00:12:10 by JoeSketchConcepts-NG

Yesterday was July 31th. And today is August 1st. I had copy and pasted this Journal from my DevaintArt account to save time.

Sooner or later. I need to edit the descriptions texts of all of my 'Giving at Gunpoint' story panels, To include Deviant-Web-Links that lead to other panels of the story. One link towards the very first panel, a second link towards the previous panel, and a third link to the next panel. (When it's available.) Also, I will be uploading another series of Moleskin Sketch/Drawings based off of what I have seen at the Arts gallery exhibit at my summer job! So there's something to look forward to, because I've already created some images!

ON a side note: I still plan on working on that 'Cardinal Quest 2' fan art series.
I did text about this about two months ago. And I've been procrastination on the idea. Still! I want to show my adoration and appreciation for this 8-bit RPG game by creating images of its 14 playable characters. (7 classes, 2 genders each.) Just like what I did with crossing over Ben 10 with The Loud House. When I did Ben 10/Loud house, I had plenty of reference images on my smart phone to apply to my work toward the art. I had not done so with Cardinal Quest 2. I need to download the reference images from my Laptop into my Smartphone. To begin the art making process.

It has been over half a year sine I've uploaded a new and original animation. I had started animating a project for, But that has dragged on for too long. I stopped animating after the first scene was done, So as to work and finish a storyboard. So that everybody will know where the story is actually going to look like. And because of my summer job, I've been neglecting my animation ambitions. which is not good at all! However, the boss man of ZombieWolf has been seriously texting to some other members to collaborate with me to finish the project. I will be the Animation director, Because I started it. And not only will I make sure that my co-workers finish their work, but do it in a plausible manor. No heavy over-night over work, and no slow Lollygagging. Just gradual progress!

In the mean time.
I've decided to work on another Animation project. One that will be shorter and more impressive than the Dancing Canadian crab person. It will be a looped animation, Showing off a cool idea made by two kids! I do not know when this animation will be done. But that's OK, Because it's my personal project. Nobody will expect it, Or push me to finish it.

And I think I'll only vote once in a while within the Newgrounds portal. The higher you go up in Level and rank as a Newgrounds member, The longer and longer it takes to reach the next level and rank up. This makes you less likely to want to vote all the time.



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