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JSC - May_2017

2017-05-01 23:22:05 by JoeSketchConcepts-NG

Because today is a Monday and the First day of the month, I'll be copy and pasting 90% of the Journal I just made in And this might apply for me this whole month. Though I hope not!

I am one of those people who makes a living by doing manual, outdoor jobs. Basically I want to text about something every artist can relate to. Thinking about creating new art, While actively performing your duties at your job.

In my case.
I work around several large parking lots. At a local Fair grounds event center. Almost everyday I have to be fully aware of every moving vehicle my eyes can see, I make small talk with hundreds of visitors each day about what's what. And the only comfortable thing about the my job is whatever I can fit into my sling-bag. (2-3 three books, 2 water bottles, my Moleskin book with pencils/eraser, and a tall candle for warmth.) Now. There have been some days of the month where I work 8 to10-hour-shifts a day. Which can feel like a full weekend when your out under the sun all day with no reliable shade around except a large straw hat on your head.
For five days I've kept on thinking to myself...
"I should be working on my Portfolio on"
"I must finish this Animation I'm doing for"
"I need to put together a friend package for a Deviant named Timmy."
"I must finish the other art projects I had started too long ago!"
"I have my Moleskin booklet in my pocket, I Should be fucking drawing right now!"
And then when I did get some free time after coming home in the evening, I felt too Jaded to work on my "art homework's" And just played Fallout: New Vegas on Xbox 360.

I can't be the only artist who feels jaded after working a job all day. Sometimes we artists need to put are works of art on hold when real life calls with responsibilities.

Now that I got some free time this month, ( I think I do?) I plan on communicating more in artistic media sites to try and get back into things.
....Or I'll just play Fallout: New Vegas for another three hours.

Oh! I forgot to mention that I have become a Level 23 Animator. Which means that I get to have a Halberd as my level icon! Does that sound cool? I think that's cool.


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